Search Console Properties & Coverage Warnings, HTTPS, & We Don’t Talk About Google Algo (not Bruno)

Today I’ll be looking through some items I found around the web that I think will be of interest from search console tips to top marketing campaigns on 2021. Tomorrow I’ll have a recap of the SEOs & DEVs video with Michael King from iPullRank – I just didn’t have a chance to go through the whole video today.

If you have multiple properties in search console, http https domain etc., it’s fine according to John Mueller in response to a Reddit thread.

I think it’s actually good to have them, you’d be surprised what you end up finding and it’s better to have them to ensure you don’t have any potential old data around.

Page indexed without content in Search Console? Might just be a server related issue. John Mueller chimes in again on Reddit that it’s usually an empty page that’s returned when you get this error. I’d suggest also to try crawling your site with screaming frog and turn on save html as well as render html, and see if there’s any issues going on there. My guess is they’ve got a low end host that’s restricting bandwidth usage even from Googlebot.

Have you had your site’s non secure version get indexed instead of the fully secure one? This question was posed on Twitter – and it looks as though sometimes Google will index both versions, and as long as you are properly 301’ing the domains, it will settle down over time and won’t cause any issues, so long as the redirect is done properly. It looks like this can sometimes happen if you have a large number of links coming into the non secure version, but Google will understand, so not much to worry about.

Matt Southern put together a nice article on the reasons that Google can’t provide details about core algorithm updates. There are a lot of quotes from various folks at Google including John Mueller, Martin Splitt, and Gary Illyes. Their hands are actually pretty tied, but a real takeaway is this: “write good content, don’t buy links”

There’s also no penalty for a site during a core update, rather a re-optimization and improvement for other sites that are just doing a better job.

Want some inspiration in marketing campaigns? Marketing Dive put out a last last month of the best marketing campaigns on 2021. To give a few overviews:

Chipotle entered the metaverse with a virtual maze and $1 million in free burritos.

Wendy’s transformed into Morty’s of Rick and Morty

Tide did a large push for reduction of greenhouse gasses with their $TurnToCold campaign

Burger Kings leveraged NFTs

Starbucks leveraged TikTok