Philip Mastroianni - The Opinionated SEO

Welcome to my site about SEO and digital marketing. 

I am Philip Mastroianni. Currently I work on & as the SEO Technical Lead. I focus on Digital Marketing, Real Estate, AI Engineering, Podcasting, & Enterprise SEO.

Most recently I’ve been working on tools built in python tied into AI LLMs to create programmatic and scalable SEO solutions.

The opinionated SEO is where I talk about recent news and updates in the digital marketing world of SEO, Paid Advertising, and Social Media that impact you as a marketer. I’ll also throw some of my 20 years as a digital marketer opinion into the mix.

Episodes release when I publish them – we used to do a weekly show, but now we’re focusing more on hearing marketers from all over the world.

Show notes with links to all the stories are available if you want to dive deeper into each show.

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